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    My Ban appeal.

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    My Ban appeal.  Empty My Ban appeal.

    Post by xXJumpy_TurdXx on Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:42 am

    I'm very sorry for hacking on this RPG server. I do regret it now, ALOT.

    I got banned about 4 weeks ago. I loved this server and I am very sorry that I did hack. I think if you give me a second chance I will never give it up again. While I was playing on that server I was so addicted because it truly is the best RPG server on minecraft. If you unban me I will NEVER HACK AGAIN and I promise. I've deleted my hacks now because i wanna play legit like before. I am truly sorry. Thank you for reading my appeal and I understand if you can't let me on. I truly love the server and I hope it stays up for along time. Im sorry for everything and you can reset all my stats, mute me for 2days. I dont care aslong as I can get back on the server.

    If its a no then just comment it.

    Thanks for reading


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