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    Staff Application: MCKabu (PerfectChaos2011)

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    Staff Application: MCKabu (PerfectChaos2011) Empty Staff Application: MCKabu (PerfectChaos2011)

    Post by MCKabu on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:52 am

    Minecraft IGN: PerfectChaos2011
    Age: 14
    Time spend on server: A good number of months (added old server and new server)

    Why you want to be in staff?
    I would like to be a staff member since I have a positive attitude and laid-back personality, which has made me a good staff member to be around on the servers I have served duty as. While not able to be around all the time, I aim to help players and staff alike, and to create an environment everyone can enjoy.
    How will you help the server out?
    I will help the server out by reprimanding players who are going against the rules (i.e. spamming, advertising etc.), and generally being a good staff member who can help out anyone in need to the best possible outcome. I will also try to come up with suggestions when needed (i.e. plugins, general changes etc.) and keep things in order.
    What do you like the most about the server?
    The races aspect and how they have different perks and stats about them (Orcs all the way tongue )
    Were you staff on any other servers?
    Yes. I was Co-Owner on a 1.6.4 factions for helping the Owner set up the server from the ground up. I have been HeadAdmin on a creative server, and Admin on two minigame servers and two factions.
    I have also been Mod on three factions and one minigame server, and Builder on too many faction servers to count
    -I also run my own private Hamachi server-
    --I am currently an Admin on a Towny server--
    How active will you be on the server?
    I only promise to try, but I can aim for 35+ hours with GCSEs almost underway
    What will you do to get more players on?
    Unfortunately I'm not the best at reeling in players, since many of my friends don't play Minecraft Neutral
    What is important when being staff member?
    What I consider important when being a staff member is to have respect for your fellow staff members and players alike (unless they aren't going by the rules), and that you do not abuse your given powers (for example, /heal-ing in PvP or using creative to spawn in OP items). I also consider loyalty and trust in staff members important, otherwise the community falls apart.

    Test 1:
    A new guy comes into server, he starts to swear.
    What do you do ?

    A) Ban him, don't waste anyones time on a spammer.
    B) Give him warning, and there after mute him if he continues.
    C) Do nothing about it and let him spam as much as he want.

    Test 2:
    A new guy comes into the server, he is confused don't know where to go
    What do you do?

    A) Tell him every information to get him started
    B) Tell him the basics and let him find out the rest.
    C) Don't reply on any of his questions

    Test 3:
    A guy starts to advertise.
    What do you do?

    A) Punish him, because he is only coming to advertise
    B) Mute him forever
    C) Not doing anything about it

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