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    Staff Application - Cutiesh Empty Staff Application - Cutiesh

    Post by cutiesh on Thu Sep 18, 2014 5:50 am

    Minecraft IGN: cutiesh
    Age: 13
    Time spend on server:
    I've not been on the server for that long really I've just started playing on it since Friday 12th of September 2014 and since then I've been playing on the server whenever I got the chance to.

    Why you want to be in staff?
    I want to be a member of staff so I can help the server grow in popularity and help out by answering questions about the server to new players and basically telling them the basics and the rules.

    How will you help the server out?
    By helping the server's popularity I'd probably post update videos of the server on YouTube along with the server's website and server address in the description, and help out the players if they have a certain question they'd like answering or if they're having difficulty with something.

    What do you like the most about the server?
    I like pretty much alot about the server, the spawn and racial cities are well built. The server uses good plugins and it has a nice community.

    Were you staff on any other servers?
    No, I've not been staff of any sort of server what so ever, but I do have some experience in hosting Role Playing forums and and making RP rooms on certain games such as Habboon.

    How active will you be on the server?
    Seeing as I'm still going to school, my activity on the server is unsure for now but I'm most likely going to come on to the server in the afternoons of the week days and possibly all day on weekends but it mostly depends on what I'm doing.

    What will you do to get more players on?
    I would post videos on YouTube telling viewers about the server and showing them the best things about it and why I think they should join the server and try it out, hopefully they'll increase the population of the server within time.

    What is important when being staff member?
    To make sure that everything goes well and that all problems are dealt with in a mature and reasonable manner.

    Test 1:
    A new guy comes into server, he starts to swear.
    What do you do ?

    A) Ban  him, don't waste anyones time on a spammer.
    B) Give him warning, and there after mute him if he continues.
    C) Do nothing about it and let him spam as much as he want.

    Test 2:
    A new guy comes into the server, he is confused don't know where to go
    What do you do?

    A) Tell him every information to get him started
    B) Tell him the basics and let him find out the rest.
    C) Don't reply on any of his questions

    Test 3:
    A guy starts to advertise.
    What do you do?

    A) Punish him, because he is only coming to advertise
    B) Mute him forever
    C) Not doing anything about it

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