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    Staff Application: Alexre97

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    Staff Application: Alexre97 Empty Staff Application: Alexre97

    Post by Alexre97 on Tue Dec 30, 2014 12:18 pm

    Minecraft IGN: Alexre97
    Age: 17
    Time spent on server: 4 Days and 17 hours

    Why you want to be in staff?
    So I can make the server a better and more fun place for everyone.

    How will you help the server out?
    I am a good builder and I believe a decent leader. I will do any and everything I can to help the server out.

    What do you like the most about the server?
    The cool people and the fun we have building and pvp`ing.

    Were you staff on any other servers?
    Yes I have been staff on three other servers.
    I was a admin on two till the servers shut down a year or two after I started being a admin.

    I was a mod on another but I left as it was to stressful to deal with such a massive server and school at the same time.

    How active will you be on the server?

    I will be on for around a hour a day (once school starts up again other then that at least three hours on breaks)
    What will you do to get more players on?

    I will advertise on planet minecraft and tell friends
    What is important when being staff member?

    To be appropriate and follow the rules you enforce. But also be nice and make sure everyone (yourself included) is having fun
    Test 1:
    A new guy comes into server, he starts to swear.
    What do you do ?


    Test 2:
    A new guy comes into the server, he is confused don't know where to go
    What do you do?


    Test 3:
    A guy starts to advertise.
    What do you do?


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