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    My Re-Application Empty My Re-Application

    Post by Mike66666666 on Sat Feb 21, 2015 11:11 am

    Hey Flotres! Im here again trying my chances with this re-application! As proven, I know considerable amounts of plugins that the server has. I am able to apply that information in helping new members, and in answering questions players might have, and have had. I hope that this second application proves how determined I am in joining your team, and also exhibits my best qualities i have to offer.

    Minecraft IGN: Mike66666666
    Time spent on server:
    3 days
    Why you want to be in staff?
    The reason in which I`m applying for staff is because, simply put, I really enjoy your server, and i would like to be apart of your team in the long run. Also, as i Joined your server, I really enjoyed the amiable attitude your staff demonstrated towards all new members, which has inspired me to join your team to do that as well.
    How will you help the server out?
    As a diligent person, I will always be available to help out at any moment in correlation to my availability. I Will monitor the chat, guide players to have the most culminating experience they can have, and I will Build many,(If approved) builds to hopefully improve the popularity of the server. Also, I believe I have qualities that help me stand out, and that have helped me throughout my past servers.I am very loyal, responsible, honest, trustworthy, innovative, creative and impartial. I have been a judge on multiple servers, I have been redstone engineer on multiple servers, and ive built many many builds which were regarded as "amazing" especially my pvp arena on a creative server.Also, I feel that I am not as greedy as most staff applicants are as to applying for staff. I don't apply to servers so I can play on them in creative and so that I can just help; I apply to work on servers so I may actually WORK to benefit the server. To help others, (mainly my boss and co-workers), keep justice and balance, and work in whatever area I can.

    What do you like the most about the server?
    As stated before, I really enjoyed the cordial attitude your staff had towards new joiners. However more recently, I've come to really enjoy all the members the server has to offer, and also the alluring plugins Flotres has introduced that will make a big difference in the future development of the server.

    Were you staff on any other servers?
    Yes. I'm currently serving as a moderator on Axon Pvp, and Flexcraft, and ive have had previous experience as an administrator on AlphaCraft before it closed. I've judged people in a integrative manor, I've achieved reasonable commitments towards the improvements of servers, and i've respected my colleagues that ive worked with in the past.
    How active will you be on the server?
    depending on my Work schedule, Im usually on around 3pm to 9:30pm Eastern, and i will try to be on everyday

    What will you do to get more players on?
    Currently, I am already Advertising this great server in a polite manner, and telling my friends to join, but in the future, Im planning on leaving a link to it on one of the servers I'm staff on.

    What is important when being staff member?
    To me, being a staff member means being a very mature, polite and respectful person who can solve everyday problems in a assertive manor, and who has valid experiences in dealing with people.
    Test 1:
    A new guy comes into server, he starts to swear.
    What do you do ?

    B) Give him warning, and there after mute him if he continues.

    Test 2:
    A new guy comes into the server, he is confused doses`t know where to go
    What do you do?

    B) Tell him the basics and let him find out the rest.

    Test 3:
    A guy starts to advertise.
    What do you do?

    I added a fourth option for i found that these ones weren't satisfactory.
    I would Mute him, then warn him that advertisement is against our rules, then i would imperceptibly inform him of the punishment he would obtain if he were to continue to violate the advertisement rule.

    Thank you for your consideration of reading over my application a second time, and i hope that you find the prudence in choosing my application.

    Sincerely, Mike66666666

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